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Mareck Marketing Group has over 15 years of experience marketing intangible services. We know how to build trust, develop relationships and communicate your professional and technical expertise. Our unique common-sense approach ensures your marketing projects are implemented cost-effectively so your return-on-investment creates a positive impact on the bottom line.   

With the help of industry experts, we have customized our marketing service offerings for the unique marketing challenges service companies face. We invite you to learn more about our:

  • Marketing Tool Kitwhich helps you formulate your plan and creates a step-by-step process for success

  • BrandMEwhich walks you through a six-step process to developing you own unique brand 

  • Outsource marketing consulting which also includes our Marketing Tool Kit, marketing plans, strategies, and branding for business and professional services

  • Creative marketing solutions which provides a variety of creative implementation tactics such as graphic design, direct mail, web development, etc. 

  • Marketing mentor program which expands the marketing expertise of your in-house marketing staff   

If you're new to Mareck Marketing Group, check out our Introductory Special for New Clients. This simple 60-minute consultation may be just what you need to answer the marketing questions you have and get you headed in the right direction for a more successful marketing campaign.  

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